Our Services

We feel that any employee Group Benefit begins and ends with plan design. Carrier selection is part of the process, but cost will ultimately be driven by claims, which is driven by plan design.

Generous plan designs with few cost containment or cost sharing features make employees the happiest, but obviously cost the most. We see our role as helping clients identify their corporate philosophy on Group Benefits and then designing the appropriate plan to meet that philosophy.

In order to assist companies we audit each plan as follows:

Plan Design  Plan Design

  • How does the current or potential plan design compare to current marketplace standards?
  • How does the plan design fit versus corporate philosophy and objectives?
  • Is there enough plan incentive for employees to help in containing costs?
  • Is current cost sharing appropriate and conducive to cost containment?

Carrier Selection  Carrier Selection

  • Is the incumbent carrier able to provide all services and reporting needed to meet corporate objectives?
  • How competitive is the incumbent carrier versus the marketplace?

Plan Implementation  Plan Implementation

  • Employee meetings are essential, especially if plan design changes are made.
  • If employees meetings are not feasible then employee information must be sent to each employee notifying them of changes.
  • We strive to make any transition or new program as simple as possible through technology.

Ongoing Management  Ongoing Management

  • Quarterly review of claims experience to identify trends before they have a material impact on renewal. Project renewal at nine month point to assist in the budgeting process.
  • Act as liaison with carrier(s) to ensure that all problems are solved quickly and efficiently.
  • Renewal negotiation.
  • Plan design alternative pricing and suggestions.